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Take your early literacy initiatives to the next level with a full phonics and decodables program in the Sora reading platform.

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Supersonic Phonics Decodable Leveled Readers + DECODABLES by jump!

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You might not have enough books to support your phonics programs

Reading experts agree: roughly 60% of children benefit from systematic phonics instruction, especially when they’re in grades K-2[1]. As more schools focus on phonics to boost student literacy, it’s critical to make sure you also have the instructional materials necessary to set students up for success, whether they’re in school or at home.

1. Cohen, Rachel. “The new ‘science of reading’ movement, explained.” Vox. August 15, 2023.

Support the science of reading with 200+ always-available phonics books for Grades PreK-4

The Supersonic Phonics & Decodables package is a special offer that makes it simple and affordable to deliver phonics books to every aspiring reader. For a single price, you can give students unlimited, simultaneous access to fiction and nonfiction titles at the levels they need. It’s all available with just a tap, through one easy-to-use platform – Sora.

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Chameleon Kid and the ShockKnight Game & the Dino BookLet's See Jen & Pat Is Fed UpNathan Chase in Thunder ChaseThe Queen's Coat

Supersonic Phonics

A complete decodables program from Bearport Publishing containing 166 fiction titles supporting literacy growth PreK-4.

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PopcornDogsCastlesElephantsHow Food Is Made

Decodables by JUMP!

A complete decodables program from Jump! Publishing containing 100+ nonfiction titles.

Both programs are aligned to the same 12-level color-coded phonics program

Level 0 – Lilac Titles for Grades PreK-K
Level 1 – Pink Titles for Grades PreK-K
Level 2 – Red Titles for Grades PreK-1
Level 3 – Yellow Titles for Grades K-1
Level 4 – Blue Titles for Grade 1
Level 5 – Green Titles for Grades 1-2
Level 6 – Orange Titles for Grades 2-3
Level 7 – Turquoise Titles for Grades 2-3
Level 8 – Purple Titles for Grades 2-3
Level 9 – Gold Titles for Grade 3
Level 10 – White Titles for Grades 3-4
Level 11 – Lime Titles for Grades 3-4
Click to view the Supersonic Phonics Reading Skill Chart & Titles
Click to view the Decodables Reading Skill Chart & Titles

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And don’t forget – the full Sora experience includes even more tools and features to help student readers engage.

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