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Use digital books with your students

Sora, the student reading app, is our school’s gateway to the world’s largest selection of ebooks and audiobooks, spanning millions of titles from thousands of publishers.

Our current collection features digital books for required reading and supplemental reading, and can be customized with books your students need right now.

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Assign Books

In Sora, you’ll be able to assign specific books to your classrooms at different reading levels.


Track Achievements

View what badges students are receiving for reading achievements with in the app.

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View Progress

Monitor student progress. See how much & how often they are reading & in what formats.

Monitor progress

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Thousands of digital books for all subjects

Ebooks, audiobooks, read-alongs, magazines, comics

Through the LAUSD Learning Library in Sora, you and your students have access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, read-alongs, magazines and comics, great for both curriculum and independent reading. The collection is frequently refreshed, so be sure to check Sora often for new books and collections!

In addition to ebooks and audiobooks available from the LAUSD school collection, Sora allows students to borrow thousands of age-appropriate digital books across all subject areas (in 20+ languages!) through the Los Angeles Public Library.

Here’s how to borrow titles from the library through Sora:

  1. Go to Schoology and log in to Sora with your LAUSD email address and password.
  2. Click or tap the menu (☰) then select +Add library.
  3. Search for Los Angeles Public Library, then select This is my library. The library will open in the Explore tab.
  4. When you find a book you’d like to read, select Borrow. Then, select Los Angeles Unified School District and log in with your LAUSD credentials. You’ll only need to do this the first time!

Need help getting yourself or your students set up with Sora?

Helpful Sora Resources for Educators and School Staff

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Word Docs

Getting Started with Sora on your Device or Browser


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Introduction to Sora Teacher Flyer


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Word Doc & Social Media

Access your Public Library with Sora


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Assets in Spanish


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Self-Training Module

Getting Started with Sora (for Educators)

Start Training Module

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Printable material

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