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Your library provides a critical service to the community, offering an invaluable reading and learning resource to users of all ages. Expand your reach and engagement even further with a digital collection. An OverDrive digital collection allows libraries to extend beyond their physical walls and offer anytime, anywhere access to ebooks, audiobooks and streaming video.


An unrivaled catalog

We have the ebooks, audiobooks and streaming videos your library needs to reach new users and boost circulation.

"If you have a public library card (which you should because it's free and easy to sign up for!), OverDrive is invaluable."

- Business Insider

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"OverDrive is essentially your e-library, offering ebooks, audiobooks, and even streaming video for users to 'borrow' while using the app."

- PopSugar

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A shared mission

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for your users and staff to experience the benefits of ebooks, audiobooks and streaming video anytime, anywhere.

The most compatible service

Users can browse, borrow and enjoy titles from your digital collection with every major device on the market.


Any title your library purchases is also available via Kindle, provided a Kindle version of the book exists.

Libby is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to listen to audiobooks through your car’s sound system.

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Libby is now integrated with your Sonos speakers, enabling you to enjoy all of your borrowed audiobooks without the need for headphones or Bluetooth.

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A wealth of information designed to give users a snapshot of how devices can be used with your digital collection.

Our browser-based OverDrive Read and Listen allow users to enjoy ebooks and audiobooks instantly with no software or downloads required.

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Our expert staff is ready to answer any questions.

OverDrive’s team of librarians is dedicated to helping you build and grow your digital collection to meet all your users’ needs.

We’ll help you get started and develop the know-how to help others, too, with on-demand training videos, downloadable PDFs, live webinars and tools to educate your staff and users.

We’re here to help you get the word out about your digital collection and provide everything from print-ready materials and digital resources to communication templates and ideas for programming and events.

Connecting users

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Meet Libby, a new app built with 💕 for users to discover and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from your library. Warm, personal and easy to use, Libby was designed to get people reading as quickly as possible.

The OverDrive app provides accessibility options for visually impaired readers as well as support for streaming video and a multilingual user experience.

The Instant Digital Card feature connects readers to your digital collection in just 30 seconds using their mobile phone number.

Public Library CONNECT provides access to more young readers by partnering your library with local schools through the Sora reading app.

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Public Library Connect

OverDrive Help features detailed videos and troubleshooting guides to get your users started and support their reading habits.

Visit the Resource Center to explore all the features and service enhancements designed to maximize your digital collection and reach and engage more users.

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