By: Rickie Mascia, OverDrive Social Media Specialist

Let’s talk audiobooks – mainly because we love them, BUT ALSO because it is National Audiobook Month, which is the perfect time to put audiobooks at the forefront of your library’s digital collection. We would like to introduce (and re-introduce) audiobook listeners to all the incredible benefits of using Libby as their audiobook listening App. Check out the list below to help your readers fall in love with the listening experience all over again:

1) All you need is a library card (It’s free!)

Audiobook lovers are well aware that it can be quite costly to build up a personal audiobook library. So why not highlight your digital collection of popular, classic, and new releases that are available in the audiobook format at your library branch? Keeping an audiobook curated collection year round is a great way to not only attract your current readers to further explore your digital library, but it will also introduce new Libby users to the diversity of your digital collection.


2) Display Progress

The easiest way to keep readers on track with budgeting their listening time is to make them aware of our ‘Display Progress’ feature. This will ensure that readers listen at a pace that will allow them to finish the audiobook before it is automatically returned to your digital collection. In the audiobook player, readers can see the total time left in the audiobook by default. By Tapping the Time Left label (above the timeline) they can cycle through different time displays: total time elapsed in the audiobook, time left in current chapter, and total progress as a percentage.


3) Change Playback Speed

As we all know, readers read at different paces. This is the same for audiobooks. One of the moste beloved features in Libby is that the audio playback speed ranges from 0.6x-3x.

4) Return Titles Easily

The titles are automatically returned to the library. Listeners don’t have to worry about late fees and if they finish the title early, they can return the audiobook before its due daye for the next person on the wait-list.

5) Set a Timer

No one likes to lose their place while reading. Whether readers are listening to aid in falling asleep or catching up on their latest read at lunch, this feature will help them with managing their listening time and ensure they don’t miss a word. Tapping the moon icon at the top right of the audiobook player allows you to set or stop the sleep timer. This will give readers an option to select a sleep timer between 5-120 minutes or to stop at the end of the chapter. Libby also remembers sleep timer choices. That way, readers can just tap the moon icon to set the same timer again.

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Disclaimer: Reading is reading even if the reading is listening to someone else reading.


For more features available with Libby visit our help page here: Meet Libby.
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