Blink and it’s already July! I have no idea how, but here we are with our first Monday 5×5 of the new month.

Over on Vox: Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books are beautiful. They are also filled with racism
I know there are a lot of people — including librarians — who are very, very angry at the ALSC about this move. I’m not one of those people.

The Digital Reader has an Infographic on how to correctly list adjectives in English
A couple years ago I came across a similar piece on the structure of descriptions in the English language. It all seems so completely arbitrary … until you try to describe your collection of pennies as fifty copper old circular small discs and then it just sounds wrong.

Writing for Bustle, E. CE Miller on re-reading Lolita in the age of #MeToo
My favorite line in all of literature comes from Lolita. Most of the dandelions had changed from suns to moons is such a brilliantly simple yet beautifully effective description that it breaks my heart every time I read it. Nabokov as a wordsmith is unchallenged, and yet as the author of the essay says, “in the wake of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, can Lolita be read as anything but a story of predation, depravity, exploitation — and specifically, rape — no matter how stunning Nabokov’s prose might be?”

The Paris Review examines Girl, Interrupted twenty five years later
As someone who first read Girl, Interrupted when I was a senior in high-school, standing on the precipice while struggling with bouts of anxiety of depression it was a title that really resonated with me. I am one of those women who sees herself in the book so it’s interesting to read about Kaysen’s own interpretation and intent with the book.

File under things Jill found interesting this week, a look at what happened to Mormom Mommy blogger Nat the Fat Rat
I will admit, there was definitely a time when I fell down the rabbit hole of reading these blogs.

As many of our readers know, Tuesday is publication day for new books! As such, a new feature I’m going to start including is highlighting some hot titles that will be published tomorrow that you should add to your OverDrive collection now because they are sure to be popular. This week’s picks are Spymaster by Brad Thor and It All Falls Down by Sheena Kamal.