By: Annie Suhy 

What if I told you, that with just a few clicks, you could bring marketing and awareness to your digital collection, train your staff and patrons, and access book recommendations from a trained librarian? Stop pinching yourself—this isn’t a dream. It’s here; it’s better than ever; it’s the Resource Center.
Whether this is your first time browsing the site or you’re a seasoned visitor, you should know about all the fresh new updates we’ve given this beloved tool to ensure its pages shine bright and are a breeze to navigate and discover. You’ll still find all of the content you count on (and more!) but with improved readability and seamless navigation.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Are you an educator? We’ve made the K12 section easier than ever to find and browse.
  • Use our handy icons to see what’s included in marketing kits at a glance!
  • Preview allows you to see what’s included in marketing kits before downloading.
  • Want to browse on your mobile device? Go for it! We look great on-the-go.
  • The Apps and Features pages now have all the information and resources you need for Libby and Sora.
  • Improved look and feel with more responsive navigation, larger font sizes, and expanded site width.

In addition to checking out some of these shiny new bells and whistles, don’t forget to check out some of our new marketing materials, videos, and book recommendations that can help you enhance your library’s digital collection. If you’re short on time (who isn’t?) and are looking for a quick tour of the Resource Center, read on, and be sure to check out these Top 5 attractions:

  1. Libby Libby Libby. Did we mention Libby? She’s here and everyone is talking about her. Luckily, we’ve got all the essentials you need to show her face around your library space. From bookmarks, flyers, posters, digital graphics, and more, we’ve got what you need in the Essentials.
  2. Start the school year off right with all the K-12 print-ready materials you need to promote your school’s digital collection. Print flyers, bookmarks—even stickers! Every kid loves stickers. This year, consider trying the fan favorite, the K-12 Title Cards. By attaching the cards to the physical book, it’s an efficient way to remind students that the digital version of their favorite book is also available.
  3. We’ve all heard it: communication is key. Now put it to the test with our free communication templates for both school and library. For libraries, a press release is a great way to announce your new digital collection to the community. If you’ve had digital for awhile, consider adding a reminder article in your next library newsletter or try a few of our social media post suggestions. Schools can remind staff to take advantage of these digital resources with an all-staff email or let parents know as you welcome in the new school year that their child can access the school’s digital collection all year long.
  4. Need to brush up on your digital borrowing know-how? Find short videos that will walk you through a variety of topics including everything you need to know about the new apps for libraries and schools, Libby and Sora.
  5. If book recommendations are at the top of your wish list, our team of staff librarians are here to help! Browse through the Recommended Lists for library patrons or students and get suggestions on titles trending today. Another time-saving tip: find a list you like, then curate it on your digital collection homepage! It’s a great way to get fun, new ideas for your site AND get the books your users want to read faster.