By: Sarah Wilsman, Content Specialist.

The modern classroom has plenty of traditional terms and plenty of new-tech lingo. But there are also a lot of nuanced and interpersonal terms that parent and teachers should know. Want to learn more? Check out the suggested titles.


Blended learning refers to a hybrid model of education that incorporates digital media into a traditional classroom setting. This method allows students to control their own pace of learning while using online resources and technology with the support of face to face instruction.


A creative method of problem-solving that is based on the design process: defining the problem, researching, forming ideas, prototyping and testing. This term is similar to  Innovator’s Mindset which encourages student’s natural curiosity and thinking outside of the box.


Growth mindset values resilience. It is the belief that hard work and good strategies are as important as talent and creativity in achieving success. It values building collaborative learning environments.

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Inclusion is the current term for classrooms that include special needs and differently abled students.


This term is interchangeable with Differentiated Learning. In this model instruction is tailored to meet the student’s individual needs. It considers the unique learning styles, abilities and cultural backgrounds of students.


Social Emotional Learning teaches students self-awareness and empathy and how to manage their emotions. It promotes relationship building and communication and aligns with the Choose Kind campaign inspired by RJ Palacio’s popular book Wonder.

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