A fundamental aspect of libraries is the fact that they are a bastion of knowledge. Libraries understand the importance of information and how essential access to that information is. This is why every year we join libraries around the country to celebrate Banned Books Week. Quite frequently, books are challenged by individuals based on their content, ideas, language or topics and, often times, these are the books that are the most important for us to be reading.

The list of the most frequently challenged books each year tends to include young adult titles that feature sexual situations, violence or “adult themes”. These books help young readers learn about issues they may face or help them cope with emotions they’re having for the first time. At OverDrive, we’re proud to read and support banned and challenged books. Additionally, we firmly believe in the importance of libraries as a pillar of the community that supports the inherent right to read these books by keeping them on their shelves, both physical and digital.

We fervently believe in the importance of Banned Books Week. Regardless of whether you agree with the information presented in a particular book it’s essential that the information be made available for readers to discover and discuss. As long as books are being challenged simply for the content within them or the language used to express those ideas, we will be here to find, read, and share those books with the world.

We read banned books. Do you?