image.pngAt school students typically have access to a web browser to complete their work. Outside of school, some students might lack wifi access and struggle to complete their assignments digitally. When an internet connection or the Sora mobile app isn’t available, students can download titles in a compatible web browser for offline reading and access many of the same learning tools they enjoy while connected.

This exciting new option is available for students using either Chrome or Firefox. Students will need to download books over an internet connection before reading offline. While connected to the internet, students sign into Sora and choose books to download in the browser. They can also check their browser’s storage space or change their download settings.

How to download a book in Sora

When a student visits, we’ll check to see if their browser has enough offline storage to support book downloads. The number of books they can download depends on the storage space in the browser. If space is available, will allow students to download books for offline use, just like in the Android and iOS apps.


When offline mode is supported, Sora displays Download settings in the right menu. By default, most books automatically download so they can read or listen offline. Downloaded books will appear in Shelf. If a book didn’t download automatically, they can download it with these steps:

  1. Go to Shelf
  2. Select Loans
  3. Click the cloud icon
  4. Select Download

How can students access their downloaded titles offline?


In Chrome, will prompt students to add a shortcut to Sora for an easy way to get back to their downloaded books when offline. Once offline, students can simply open their Sora shortcut and navigate to their Shelf.

Students using Firefox can add a bookmark to and easily return to their downloaded books.

Adding a Sora shortcut in chrome

  1. Select the 3-bar Menu, upper right
  2. Select Download settings
  3. Select Add a shortcut

Still have questions? Please contact your OverDrive Account Manager.