By: Christina Samek, Outreach Specialist

March is an exciting month for a lot of reasons. If you live in one of the more seasonal regions, you might be fairly over the cold bite of winter and the grey slush it leaves. March is that first hint of warm weather, of brighter days to come. It’s also a month to celebrate women and what they’ve given the world.

We talk a lot about representation and how important it is for students to see themselves in the characters on pages and screens. Literature has come a long way in showcasing strong, independent women who are fully capable of saving themselves, but we still have farther to go. Let’s get students reading all genres, and introduce them to the women they never knew they needed to know.

Heroes in fiction and nonfiction for Women’s History Month

We’re featuring a marketing kit on the Resource Center in honor of Women’s History Month. In it, you’ll find engaging print pieces to distribute and hang up in your school. You’ll also find digital content ads celebrating real life, inspiring women who’ve changed our shared history. Alongside our favorite fictional female superheroes, let’s celebrate the super ladies who live and lived among us.

Check out some of our favorite women below:

Malala_Sora.jpg Oprah_Sora.jpg