By Courtney Sveda, Training Specialist

Big changes have come to the Insights tab of OverDrive Marketplace. Finding information on the current activity of your collection is easier than ever. Select the Insights tab to view a summary page with current checkouts, holds, and unique users. A welcome addition is a breakdown of your current holdings by format, including number of titles and number of copies.

Select Trends to see activity over time displayed through a variety of charts and graphs. The Goals section displays three: quarterly goals for circulation, users, and average wait period. These goals are unique to your collection and are set based upon data from the previous two years.

What about reports? Reports, previously accessed from the drop-down menu, have moved to the left side bar and are visible from the Insights, Trends or Goals pages. Find the most popular reports highlighted at the top, including Checkouts, Current holds, Purchase orders, and Title status and usage. Other reports are listed under expandable category headers.

If you haven’t already, log in to Marketplace and begin exploring. If you’d like a guided tour of the Insights tab, watch our Marketplace Insights recorded module. If you have questions about running reports or managing your collection in Marketplace, reach out to your OverDrive Account Manager.