By: Annie Suhy, Outreach Specialist

Want to save staff time, increase circs, gain new users, and instantly connect readers with titles they love? Who doesn’t, right?!

Social media makes it possible, and we’re here to help with colorful, eye-catching graphics for your library’s social accounts that you can download from the Resource Center in just a few clicks. We have an entire page of social media graphics on our Social tab dedicated to exactly that and for the month of March, we’re also featuring kits loaded with social graphics on our Trending tab to save you time.

Promoting titles outside of the spotlight

Chances are, there are quite a few titles in your collection that once had their day in the sun, but now aren’t as wildly popular since their time on the bestseller lists. There are patrons who always meant to read a certain book but didn’t want to wait in the holds line, or never finished it before their time was up.

Give those older titles a little love by sharing one of our graphics from the Promoting Your Backlist kit. There are 55 different graphics, each with a different title to choose from and an unlimited number of patrons who will be grateful to be reminded of a missed connection or an old flame.

Engage New Readers

One way to earn new readers is by connecting their passions and interests with titles in your collection. Our Engage New Readers kit includes 18 social graphics that do just that by recommending titles based on popular culture trends like brunching, conspiracy theories, tiny house living, yoga, Twitch, cats, craft beers, and more.

Search for popular or trending hashtags associated with these interests for another way to lure in new users and entice them with a taste of what they can discover in your library’s digital collection. After all, if they love it so much, maybe it’s time to read about it!

Always open, 24 hours a day

Social media remains one of the best ways to reach your patrons at home when they can’t make it in to the library, which, unfortunately, may be a growing concern in your community in light of the recent pandemic.

Luckily, your digital library is open, even when the physical branch is closed. Remind patrons to check out ebooks and audiobooks after hours, anytime, anywhere.


Is there a specific title you’d like to feature? Let us know! We’d be happy to create a custom graphic just for your library.