by: Jill Grunenwald, Marketing & Communications Specialist

As demand for digital content increases, we here at OverDrive are continuing to work on providing you options to fit your budget while helping you get titles into the hands of your readers. As part of this, we are so excited to introduce a new lending model that is now available in Marketplace: Concurrent Use: Metered Access (by circulation).*

*Note: Throughout Marketplace, this lending model is displayed as MA: by checkout (concurrent users).

When you purchase a title in the Concurrent Use: Metered Access (by circulation) model, it is available to your library for a fixed number of checkouts (e.g., 100 checkouts). However, unlike other MA titles, multiple users can borrow the title concurrently until all checkouts are used. For example, if you purchase an audiobook under this lending model that comes with 100 checkouts, 100 users could check it out simultaneously, or the title will be available until the unit has circulated 100 times.

Currently, you will find popular titles in the Concurrent Use: Metered Access (by circulation) model available from Recorded Books, HighBridge Company, W.F. Howes, Graphic Audio, and more. We plan to continue expanding this catalog in the future.

Visit Marketplace to start adding Concurrent Use: Metered Access (by circulation) titles to your collection. If you have any questions about our new lending model, please reach out to your Account Manager.