CHARLESTON, S.C. – November 2, 2022 –  Kanopy, the leading streaming provider of award-winning films and documentaries for the classroom, announced the top films streamed in 2022. For the first time ever, Kanopy is revealing the year’s academic trends reflected in the most commonly viewed films and subjects. Academic librarians and educators can learn more about the Kanopy catalog by meeting with Kanopy representatives at the 2022 Charleston Conference in booth #79 in Charleston, South Carolina, from November 1-4.

Based on data from thousands of campuses, Kanopy’s top-watched films in colleges and universities demonstrate the unique and valuable role of educational video content within academic curriculum. Media Studies, Gender Studies and Race & Class Studies are the most common subject areas that are leveraging the compelling visual and educational nature of film. As universities strive to inspire thoughtful and meaningful conversations among their students, film functions as a powerful tool to provoke both reflection and understanding.

Top films viewed for academic curriculum in 2022 (North America, Kanopy):

  1. Race–The Power of an Illusion (Race & Class Studies)
  2. The Mask You Live In (Gender Studies, Media Studies)
  3. Killing Us Softly (Gender Studies, Media Studies)
  4. Miss Representation (Gender Studies, Media Studies)
  5. In Sickness and in Wealth (Health & Medicine, Economics, Race & Class Studies)
  6. Tough Guise 2 (Gender Studies, Media Studies)
  7. Moonlight (Film Studies, LGBTQ+ Studies)
  8. Precious Knowledge (Education, Race & Class Studies)
  9. I Am Not Your Negro (Race & Class Studies, U.S. History)
  10. Parasite (Film Studies, Asian Studies)

Top academic subjects using streaming video in 2022 (North America, Kanopy):

  1. Film Studies
  2. Race & Class Studies
  3. Gender Studies
  4. Media Studies
  5. Global Studies
  6. Education
  7. History
  8. Sociology
  9. Psychology
  10. Anthropology

These lists demonstrate that the focus on race, class, gender and general identity remains strong in the classroom, reflecting curriculum needs and trends in society as a whole. The lists also show the continued importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for educators and students as curriculum evolves to better address the varied topics surrounding race, intersectionality and social justice. As evidenced by the growth of the streaming video medium in colleges and universities, educators are using the visual nature of streaming video to reinforce or complete the picture for the foundation established by the core written works.

“The most popular subjects used by academic libraries show that universities come to Kanopy for our strong and expansive collection on topics which dive into the human experience,” said Jason Tyrrell, Kanopy General Manager. “Our content runs the gamut from delving into the mind, behavior and social stratification to content addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Educators and students alike can benefit from these films by learning more about themselves and their peers, expanding their perspectives and challenging accepted beliefs.”

At the Charleston Conference from November 1-4, Kanopy is meeting with academic librarians and educators to discuss the benefits of supplementing curriculum with streaming video. To schedule a meeting with an account representative, email

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