As of Nov. 1, 2023, Universal Class is no longer available for purchase through OverDrive. Visit the Resource Center to learn more about all of our other Libby Extras offerings.

Organizations with OverDrive Professional digital libraries value personal and professional development for their teams by providing ebooks and audiobooks on the subjects they want.  You can now complement your digital library with additional content services to further enhance the employee experience. Through August 11, we’re offering a 10% discount for all OverDrive Professional partners who want to add any Libby Extras.

Libby Extras enable employees to have access to even more benefits, from career development to personal wellness and education. Libby Extras are available as a subscription model at 10% off (through August 11th) and as Simultaneous Use. They are available to an unlimited number of users at any given time – perfect for organizations of any size. They’ll be accessible to your teams directly from your organization’s digital library on the Libby app.

What Libby Extras might be the perfect add-ons to your digital library? Here’s a look at what they provide. If you’re interested in learning more about them or getting your 10% discount, reach out to your Account Manager.

Libby Extras for corporate libraries

Ground News

Empowers readers to think critically, spot media bias, and balance their news diet. This online resource and app compares headlines across the political spectrum using data-driven ratings. With access to over 50,000 news sources, readers can get local and global perspectives and compare related news articles from a variety of publications.

Ground News can be particularly helpful to those in communications, sales, marketing, public relations, human resources and legal. It allows your teams to ensure news and events that may impact your industry are approached without bias. At all levels, professionally and personally, this resource encourages more well-rounded views on important issues.

Law Depot

Offers legal forms and contracts in minutes with high-quality, easy-to-use, and completely customizable legal documents and templates. This Libby Extra can be leveraged for employees’ professional use or as a practical and cost-saving added employee benefit for personal use. Law Depot saves money on expensive legal fees while ensuring that legal documents are accurate and up-to-date. More than 150 templates are available, ranging from real estate, financial, business and family matters.

Universal Class

Provides learning courses in over 30 subject areas, many of which offer continuing education units (CEUs). With streaming videos, instructional content, interactive learning activities, and a social networking experience, Universal Class gives employees the ability to enhance their careers and subject area knowledge from wherever they are.

Offering Universal Class access to your employees means they get to choose from professional development and continuing education courses in areas like accounting, business, technology, law, family and parenting, personal development and more. Courses include real instruction and trackable progress. This can be part of your professional development initiatives and offered as an employee benefit.

Learn It Live

The perfect addition to support your health and wellness initiatives, offering 1000s of classes representing 100s of topics focused on health, wellness and personal development. A focus on employee wellness beyond the basics has remained a top expectation employees have from their organizations in recent years. Learn It Live caters to employees and their families by offering on-demand and live classes in areas like yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep and more integrated to any platform.

Empower your employees with Libby Extras

Each of these Libby Extras offers their own unique perk to your existing employee engagement initiatives. With the ability to access them through the Libby app your teams are already using, implementation is easy.

Want to learn more, get a demo or add any of these Libby Extras to your OverDrive digital library for 10% off? Contact your Account Manager who can ensure you get this value while it’s available through August 11th.