As of Nov. 1, 2023, Universal Class is no longer available for purchase. 

Is your digital library up to date with all the resources students need for a successful year? While you’re updating your ebooks and audiobooks library in preparing for the new academic year, OverDrive is offering 10% off Libby Extras through August 11th for all college and university libraries.

Libby Extras enhance your existing digital library of ebooks and audiobooks by providing interactive and educational services on a range of subject areas. Each are available in Simultaneous Use so that an unlimited number of students can use them at the same time via the Libby app, making them easy to implement and access.

Libby Extras for academic libraries

Ground News

Empowers readers to think critically, spot media bias, and balance their news diet. This online resource compares headlines across the political spectrum using data-driven ratings. With access to over 50,000 news sources, readers can get local and global perspectives and compare related news articles from a variety of publications.

In higher education, it is critical for students to have clarity in an increasingly chaotic media landscape to have access to and cite accurate sources in research. Ground News helps identify media bias, check source credibility, and view ownership data for news outlets around the world. Students already turn to libraries as a trusted source to find the information they seek and offering Ground News as an additional source of truth is perfect for academic libraries. The limited-time discount of 10% offers tremendous value for this robust content offering.

Universal Class

Provides learning courses in over 30 subject areas, many of which offer continuing education units (CEUs) that can be leveraged by faculty. Students and faculty can choose from professional development and continuing education courses in areas like accounting, business, technology, law, family and parenting, personal development and more.

With streaming videos, instructional content, interactive learning activities, and a social networking experience, UniversalClass offers students supplemental course materials and provides faculty with resources for their own areas of specialty.


Offers students self-paced, interactive music and voice lessons from world-class instructors. While working through a guided path of lessons, students are given the option to swap videos with their teacher, ask questions, and receive tailored feedback specific to their needs. Each video interaction between teacher and student is paired together on the site and made available for all members to learn from.

The addition of ArtistWorks to your digital offerings is ideal for students studying music at any experience level or as part of their extracurricular interests as students can choose from beginner to advanced lessons and techniques. Plus, faculty can recommend ArtistWorks as an additional resource or study aid for their students.

Learn it Live

The perfect addition to support your institution’s mental health and wellness initiatives for students, staff and faculty. With rising rates of stress, anxiety and other mental health struggles particularly among students, Learn it Live offers thousands of classes representing hundreds of topics focused on health, wellness and personal development. On-demand and live option classes can be accessed from anywhere and can be offered to your students and faculty for personal or curricular use.

Enhance your digital library with Libby Extras

Students studying subjects on mental and physical health, wellness and relationships can benefit from the selections of classes in these areas as additional research and study aids. While any student and faculty member can have personal and private access to topics like yoga, mindfulness, spirituality, and exercise for use outside the classroom.

For a full list of Libby Extras, visit our guide on the resource center here.* This 10% savings is a cost-effective way to be able to provide enhanced content offerings for less to aid in academic and personal success for students. Contact your Account Manager today to learn more, get a demo or take advantage of your discount.

*Some Libby Extras are not available for all markets. Your Account Manager can provide you with the list of available Extras for your institution.