Recent NAEP data shows that reading scores have declined in more than half of all U.S. states – an unfortunate trend that started even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted classroom learning across the country.

Now, school districts are seeking new strategies to right the ship and improve student literacy. And digital books have emerged as a crucial tool that can help meet students where they are and give educators access to more powerful learning tools.

Unlocking Literacy: Why Digital Books Are Key to Better Reading Scores

A new on-demand webinar explores how adoption of ebooks and audiobooks in school districts can impact reading test scores. Join Tiffany Goldschmidt, Ed.D. (Secondary Curriculum Supervisor at Baldwin County Public Schools) and Danny Lapchak (Account Manager at OverDrive Education) to learn how exposure to high-interest books in accessible formats transforms the way students approach reading.

Plus, discover how this new approach can ultimately lead to an achievement advantage.

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