There’s an old joke that goes “How many months have 28 days?” The punchline, of course, is that all months have 28 days, but February is the one month that has only 28 days. But not this year! 2024 is a Leap Year, giving you an extra day to promote your digital library using the free social media graphics and marketing kits available on the OverDrive Resource Center. 

February Social Media Must Haves 

February is Black History Month and there is a marketing graphic available to help you celebrate Black authors and promote them to your community. You can also save on books by Black authors in our annual Black History Month sale. Visit Marketplace to save up to 50% off on thousands of titles through February 16, 2024.  

Love is in the air, making February a perfect time to promote the romance books in your collection! We have a graphic promoting favorite teen love stories. Looking for even more young adult romances to add to your digital collection? Check out the blog post here!

The Big Game is also right around the corner! (For those whose teams didn’t make it all the way, embrace the phrase Cleveland Browns fans have said for decades: “There’s always next year.”) Grab the graphic from the Resource Center to promote football titles in your collection, or use the other marketing kits available to promote your digital collection to those in your community who aren’t big sportsball fans and will probably be spending the day curled up on the couch with a good book (Hi. It’s me).

No passport required! World Literary Tour Must Haves 

Our World Literary Tour is back for 2024! Each month we’ll be highlighting a different destination. With each stop you’ll learn interesting facts about the language, culture, and literature from that location. Our new Resource Center page allows you to visit previous stops and see what’s up ahead on the itinerary.

For January, we have been visiting Berlin, the vibrant and dynamic capital of Germany. The city’s literary and publishing scene is deeply rooted in its past, with a legacy that spans centuries. From the works of iconic German philosophers like Hegal and Kant to the groundbreaking literature of the Weimar Republic, Berlin has been a fertile ground for intellectual discourse and literary exploration.

Visit Marketplace now to shop the featured collection and check out the Resource Center to find the accompanying marketing kit to promote all your German language content to your community!

Check back in February for our next stop: Hangzhou, China.

Lights! Camera! Kanopy Marketing Must Haves 

For February, streaming service Kanopy wants you to embrace the magic of romance films with their Reel Romance marketing kit! There’s something about a good romance movie that warms the heart. Whether it’s a classic love story, a modern-day romance, or a tale of unbreakable connection, these films remind us of the power of love. The marketing kit available on the Resource Center includes a programming guide, graphics, and social media copy you can use to promote these films to your community. You can review our 2024 Reel Romance collection, film synopses, and other details here.  

Kanopy is also here to help your patrons dive into the rich tapestry of Black history and culture through the lens of incredible narrative films and documentaries that explore the untold stories, remarkable achievements, and heroes who’ve paved the way for change. Visit the Resource Center to find the marketing kit which includes social media copy, graphics, and a programming guide. View all the films included in the Black History Month collection here. 

Finally, we are excited for Big Movie Watch! From Feb. 5-19, 2024, Kanopy users will be able to watch the 2022 romantic comedy What’s Love Got to Do with It? through their public library ticket-free. Big Movie Watch is available for US and Canadian libraries on a pay-per-use program as well as those with PLUS only accounts. Visit the Big Movie Watch website here to grab your marketing toolkit which includes a programming guide, digital graphics, print materials and more.

About the author: Jill Grunenwald is a Marketing & Communications Specialist on the North America Public Library Marketing Team. A former librarian, she joined OverDrive in 2015. Outside of the office she can be found writing, hanging out with her cats, collecting more Tarot decks than she has room for, and playing competitive pinball. Her favorite genre is something she calls “Murder at an educational institution that involves a close-knit group of suspicious characters.”