Each June, LGBTQ pride Month is celebrated as a way to look back and remember the tipping point of the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. Last year, we suggested Stonewall by Ann Bausum and David Carter’s book on the riots with the same name as two titles that introduce readers to how America’s Gay Rights movement began with the Stonewall riots in 1969. We’ve  updated our LGBTQ Pride Month list and it contains hundreds of fantastic books perfect for curated collections not just this month, but all year long.




Regardless of sexual orientation, background, or gender identification everyone deserves a chance to see themselves in the stories we read. That is why we made sure this collection features bestsellers, recent releases, classic books for readers of all ages. You’ll find not just nonfiction recounts and memoirs but also graphic novels, young adult titles, children’s books and more. Libraries are a pillar of society and by creating inclusive collections, you’re opening your arms to people in your community who may still be figuring out how they see themselves. Few things are better at aiding that process than books. In addition, providing this content digitally, you can offer privacy for readers who may be worried about being judged for the books they borrow.


Pride month is a wonderful opportunity to bring readers together from all cultural backgrounds. It offers the chance to show readers different points of view than perhaps their own and can open the eyes to what other people go through every day. Words have the power to confirm convictions and change minds. They can move someone’s emotions and show readers that the library will always be a safe place for them to express their true self. Knowledge is power, books are magic and love is love is love.