Issue 2 of Perspectives on Reading has arrived and it is packed with articles, interviews, opinions and data from industry leaders. In this issue you’ll find topics including:

    • The secret to influencing kids’ reading habits while thinking only about yourself
    • An examination of the idea of creating a rating system for books similar to movies and TV
    • We Need Diverse Books’ work to promote literature that children of all backgrounds can see themselves in
    • An interview with bestselling author and linguist Christina Dalcher about her dystopian novel Vox and the importance of language
    • A look at how the Queens Library serves a diverse community of more than 2 million readers across 62 locations

Perspectives on Reading was conceptualized as a place to provide unique and thought-provoking commentary from the movers and shakers that shape the literary world. These think pieces, infographics and dialogues offer a wealth of knowledge curated to keep librarians, educators, publishers, authors, booksellers and anyone interested in reading and literacy up to date on the latest thoughts and insights defining today’s reading community.

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