Libby got some work done recently, and we’re excited to announce a few of the changes that have arrived in the latest release of our award-winning digital reading app, as well as the upgrades still to come. In this post, we’ll breakdown what new features you’ll find in the latest Libby update (now available in the App Store and Google Play) and what’s planned for the near future.

Libby Release Details

Libby in Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
A major update in this release is that Libby is now compatible with Apple CarPlay and has improved support for Android Auto. This makes listening to audiobooks while driving easier and safer than ever. Apple CarPlay is supported by every major automobile manufacturer, and now Libby can be your travel companion on road trips or help you combat those daily bouts of rush hour traffic.
Apple CarPlay
Easier reading options
You’ll find a restored “Manage Loan” button with clearly defined options for each title including the ability to Return Early, Renew, Tag and so on. You’ll also find a “Read Books With” button in your Shelf Actions that allows you to easily decide to read in Libby or on your Kindle (U.S. only). Additionally, a new Download Ring shows the status of your downloads, with easy access to change your download rules.

Improving accessibility
We’ve done some work with fonts, sizing, and text and background color to improve accessibility. This includes the text being resized according to your platform accessibility settings (on iOS and Android). We’ve also significantly improved Libby’s dark accessibility mode (controlled by your system’s “Invert Colors” setting — iOS and Android).

Other odds and ends
With this release, we’ve optimized the app for devices with notches and cutouts, fixed bugs, and set the stage for other big features coming soon. We’ve completed much of the back end work for several exciting features in this release, preparing Libby to make it even easier to connect with the books and authors you love. After all, as Tyrion told us in the Game of Thrones finale, “What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? The answer is stories.”