Recently, we announced the launch of a new literacy campaign called Everyone Reads. Everyone Reads is designed to be a celebration and promotion of reading in the digital age, providing videos of authors and celebrities sharing the joy books have brought them over the years. In our newest video, R.L. Stine explains why he only reads fiction and how books continue to make him smile.

Why YOU read

The launch of this campaign was designed to show readers the reasons that authors and celebrities love to read. The hope was it will inspire people of all ages to start or keep reading. What we didn’t anticipate was how wonderful the response would be from readers to share why THEY love reading as well.

Recently, we shared a post on Facebook about the campaign that was shared hundreds of times and nearly as many people spontaneously shared what they love most about reading. You can click through the post above to read them all but here are a few of our favorites.

Tammy shared her thoughts on the theater of the mind.

R.L. Stine Everyone Reads comment 4


Clara gave insights on the joy of libraries from decades of personal experience

R.L. Stine Everyone Reads comment 3


Claribel praised books for their ability to provide escapism

R.L. Stine Everyone Reads comment 2


Rita shared how books help her better relate to people in the “real” world

R.L. Stine Everyone Reads comment