Effective 3/25: In an effort to provide additional content to library users during these uncertain times, HarperCollins has changed their digital content policies for public libraries and schools worldwide. Below, please find specific updates regarding these changes.

Audiobook Cost-Per-Circ (CPC) Updates:

  • The price cap on all CPC audiobook titles has come down to $2.99 USD
  • Middle Grade and YA frontlist titles will now be available in the CPC model starting at the book’s street date
  • Select adult frontlist will be available as CPC starting at the book’s street date

Ebook Cost-Per-Circ (CPC) Updates:

  • 800 frontlist ebook titles will be added to the CPC catalog
  • 300 backlist ebook titles have been added to the CPC catalog
  • Every week, HarperCollins will be adding a couple hundred more backlist titles in CPC

Metered Access Updates:

  • HarperCollins is continually participating in our Marketplace sales
  • A list of 1,000 ebooks will be discounted 30% from 3/30/2020 until 6/1/2020