By: Jill Grunenwald, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Every February, librarians, educators, and readers carve out time in their reading schedule or on the bookshelves to celebrate and amplify Black voices for Black History Month. The truth is, 28 days isn’t enough. We should be reading, promoting, and supporting these books and authors every single day. And while much of the focus of Black History Month is centered on the history of African Americans, it is equally important that we recognize and reckon with what it currently means to be Black in America while also highlighting the joy that can be found in books written by Black authors.

Last summer, the circulation of digital titles by Black authors surged. While much of this increase was due to the state of the world and protests for social injustice, books by Black authors that were unrelated to antiracism also saw a rise in circulation.

Below are curated shopping lists ideal for librarians looking to expand their collection of ebooks and audiobooks by Black authors. Be sure to also visit our Resource Center to find a free Black History Month social media graphic you can use to encourage the users in your community to celebrate and read Black authors all year long.

Collections curated by OverDrive

African American Romance
Black LGBTQ+ Authors and Characters
Social Justice & Activism
Conversations on Race, Racism, & Resistance
Social Justice & Activism (Spanish/Bilingual)
Guides to Anti-Racism
Black Lives Matter J/YA
Social Justice J/YA

Anti-Racism & Social Justice Collections

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