On August 1, 2021, the school app dashboard, Clever, has scheduled a change in their integration service that will disable content access levels and access to Advantage account purchases in the Sora app. We are asking our school partners to replace Clever’s single sign-on (SSO) with one of several other available methods. To maintain student access to age-appropriate content, please contact your OverDrive Account Manager or email schools@overdrive.com as soon as possible.

Your OverDrive team will work with you and your IT staff to implement the changes as fast and seamlessly as possible. While we are transitioning your authentication method, content access levels may be temporarily disabled, and students may not be able to access your Advantage content.

We support the following free authentication solutions:

  • Google
  • ClassLink
  • Microsoft ADFS/Azure and other SAML systems
  • OverDrive’s hosted User Login Manager
  • LDAP

Please contact your Account Manager or email schools@overdrive.com with your preferred solution by Friday, July 30.