Thanks to feedback from our partners and users, we are working on several enhancements to Libby. We are so excited about these new features we are giving you a preview now!

Coming soon to Libby:

Refined navigation bar: We have updated each icon in the navigation bar for clarity and consistency. The active icon displays in your library’s colors. There is also an option in the new Settings menu  to add labels to the icons, if desired.

Library home organization: We continue to evolve the library home screen into a space that reflects your library’s voice and highlights your curation. Later this year, we will offer options in OverDrive Marketplace to further customize this area—stay tuned!

Search enhancements: When a user taps the search icon, they will see a new “Explore with filters” section, with options to easily browse by format, availability, skip-the-line titles, and more. Advanced search filters are available with the + more button on this screen.

New Settings menu: Many existing settings (e.g., manage notifications, change download rules, choose your language, etc.) and some new options, like adding labels to the footer icons, are available in a centralized location in the in-app menu.

Timeline improvements: The timeline has a new layout, with each title displayed once in a single collapsible entry. More title and user activity details are available in this new layout.

These updates also support our ongoing efforts to build a delightful experience for users with diverse accessibility needs.

We plan to release these changes in the coming weeks, and will follow up once all of these new enhancements are live. In the meantime, please feel free to contact your Account Manager with any questions.