By: Gabby Cregan, Instructional Designer


Prepare your school community to continue reading with Sora during school breaks.

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Make sure your students know about the great content available in Sora – available 24/7, even when school is not in session!

  • Encourage students to take advantage of three ways to read for free this summer, including:
    • Sora Sweet Reads: OverDrive’s annual reading program with free, simultaneous use titles for younger, middle, and older readers, with titles available in Sora from May 15 – August 28, 2023.
    • Audiobook SYNC: Students ages 13 and up can sign up for a 14-week program offered by Audiofile, with titles available in Sora from Apr. 27 – Aug. 2, 2023.
    • Sora Starter collection: OverDrive offers schools a collection of simultaneous use titles to include in their digital libraries.
  • If your school’s collection includes unique digital formats, like audiobooks, magazines, comic and graphic books, or read-alongs – promote them!
  • Curate collections for the Explore tab to reflect student interests, seasonal themes, or popular titles, and to highlight no-wait, simultaneous use titles. Use curation to guide student discovery of new genres, authors, and unique formats all year long.

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Keep your school community engaged with Sora year-round.

  • Say Sora! Keep Sora on students’ radar by including Sora in your messaging and reminders. Make sure Sora is highlighted in school newsletters, your website, and social media accounts.
  • Start a conversation on social media – share recommended books, ask students what they’re reading, or post a photo. Download ready-to-share social graphics (or personalize your own!), add a caption or hashtag, and engage in the comments with your school community.
  • Invite students to participate in a reading contest or challenge, like the Sora Sweet Reads Challenge or Summer Reading with Sora BINGO, and use OverDrive Marketplace to check Sora usage.

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Looking for more ideas and practical suggestions? Watch the 45-minute on-demand webinar Making the Most of Your School Breaks today!