In a recent survey in School Library Journal, 26 percent of public libraries that responded said the graphic-novel readers at their libraries only read in that format. It’s no surprise readers are embracing visual storytelling: according to a joint report from Comichron and ICv2, two organizations that track comic sale trends, comic sales have been steadily increasing since 2017. As more readers discover the wide range of stories available in comics and graphic novels, that number is sure to increase.  

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What’s more, there are benefits to comics & graphic novels that might surprise you, giving you all the more reason to add sequential art stories to your digital collection today!  

Benefits to comics & graphic novels  

Improves visual literacy  

Visual literacy is the ability to read, analyze, and interpret visual images. In today’s world of social media, infographics, streaming video and more, it’s critical for readers of all ages to have an understanding of visual media. For kids and teens in particular, comics and graphic novels are an opportunity to study art in the context of a story to increase those visual literacy skills. 

Engages reluctant readers 

The visual art and fast-paced storylines offered by comics and graphic novels can be more appealing for kids, teens, and even adults who are reluctant to pick up a traditional book. The combination of engaging art alongside the text also aids in providing context clues and increasing reading comprehension for readers working on their reading skills.  

In that same SLJ survey, 90 percent of public librarians recommend graphic novels to students who are struggling with reading and 57 percent of public librarians recommend them to English language learners. 

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Help striving readers gain confidence 

For kids who are intimidated by traditional books with pages and pages of overwhelming text, reading might feel insurmountable, and they may feel defeated if they struggle to finish a book. With comics and graphic novels, they have the opportunity to finish a story thanks to shorter sentences paired with visual cues and artwork, increasing their reading confidence and self-worth.  

In recent years, graphic adaptations of popular books have become more prevalent. In a Publishers Weekly article on the growth of graphic adaptations for young readers, Stephanie Lurie, editorial director of the Rick Riordan Presents imprint at Disney Hyperion, said, “Doing a graphic novel is a way to extend the book’s life, maybe make it more appropriate to a younger audience, or extend it to kids who prefer the visual format over pure text.” 

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 Provides literary mirrors for readers 

At Digipalooza ‘23, one of the lessons we learned was that expanding the formats you offer expands the users you reach, including bringing new users to your library. Comics and graphic novels often feature characters underrepresented in traditional novels. For readers who share a similar background, experience, or identity, comics and graphic novels may be the first time they are seeing themselves in the pages of a book. 

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