In March, we announced that our All Access Comics package was available to schools. Since then, we’ve loved hearing about how you’re using comics in your school library or classroom, getting students more excited than ever about reading in the Sora app.

Now, with summer on the horizon, it seems like a good time for a reminder: If you haven’t added comics yet, there’s no time like the present! Comics are the perfect way for your students to pass the time (along with Sora Sweet Reads!) in between all of their vacation adventures, and they’re never more than a swipe or tap away.

We could do this all day — but for now, we’ll start with just four reasons to get started today with All Access Comics in Sora.

1. Brand new titles, available now!

We’ve just added 100+ new always available comics to the package – and each title has been reviewed and approved by our trusted school librarians to ensure age-relevancy. View all of the comics in the collection.

2. From Spidey to Star Wars, your students’ favorite superheroes are always available

Titles in the All Access Comics package are simultaneous use, meaning your students can spin webs with Spider-Man, cast spells with Scarlet Witch, use the Force alongside Obi-Wan or speed around with Sonic the Hedgehog whenever they want – no holds or waitlists!

3. They appeal to reluctant readers

“Our students, particularly those in middle school, love comic and graphic books,” says Dawn Roberts, Media Specialist at Northeastern Utah Educational Services. “The artwork improves their comprehension, and because they enjoy the reading experience they continue checking out additional titles in a variety of genres.”

There’s plenty of evidence out there to show that comic books are an effective gateway to literacy  for your striving readers. Comic books and graphic novels may appear less intimidating to students who might be struggling with more traditional formats, and they leverage visual aids that can help improve comprehension. At the end of the day, reading is reading – no matter what form that takes.

4. They’re affordable

You might not be able to soar like the Sorcerer Supreme, but you can certainly help boost your students’ own powers of imagination by signing up for All Access Comics in Sora. Available at one annual price point, schools and districts of all sizes can bundle and save on comics without breaking the budget.

Ready to get started? Contact us to add All Access Comics! It’s easy to sign up and quickly get the stories your students love into their hands.

If your students are comic enthusiasts, they might also love manga as well! You can check out some of the newest releases in OverDrive Marketplace.