Summer is almost here which means family vacations are right around the corner. From road trips across the state to long flights across the country, keeping kids entertained and engaged while traveling can be a challenge.  

Audiobooks provide hours of entertainment for kids and families alike, whether it’s a classic novel or books featuring beloved characters from pop culture. Because Libby can be the best road trip companion, many of the families in your community will soon be turning to their local library for audiobooks to take with them on the road. Which means now is the time for you to stock up!  

For kids especially, listening to audiobooks provides value beyond entertainment. Read on to learn about the benefits from audiobooks and how you can add more audiobooks to your digital library for less.  

Benefits to audiobooks for kids 

  1. Audiobooks provide accessibility

We’ve improved the accessibility of the Libby app to provide an inclusive reading experience for all – and that includes young readers who may have dyslexia or other reading difficulties. With Libby, listeners can choose from multiple audiobook listening speeds to find the one that best fits their needs. 

  1. Audiobooks can raise reading skills

With audiobooks, children can be introduced to stories that might be too challenging for them to read but are still age appropriate. Listening to stories above their reading level boosts comprehension, listening and critical thinking skills, and vocabulary.  

  1. Audiobooks can be shared by the whole family

On long road trips, audiobooks are a great way to keep everyone in the car entertained. It’s like a family book club in the car! And with Libby, there’s also no need to shuffle between a stack of CDs or tapes to keep the story going – push play and you’re set for hours of continued listening. Have to stop for gas or snacks? Libby will pick up the audiobook where you left off.  

  1. Audiobooks appeal to reluctant readers

For kids and teens who struggle to engage with a text, audiobooks bridge the gap. From sound effects and music to professional voice actors, audiobooks can be a new and exciting way to experience books. 

Updated May 18, 2023