There’s always something a little bit fresh and exciting about looking ahead to a new year (even if the school year is technically only half-over in many places).

But the end of the year is also a time for reflection – so before we turn the page from 2023 to 2024, let’s revisit all of the top stories of this year in Sora, from free content, to in-demand tips and best practices, to edtech thought leadership and more.

Top 10 Sora blog posts of 2023

Cheers to the 6 best Sora product updates of 2023!

Decoding: Why audiobooks are awesome for students

Steve Jobs Archive’s “Make Something Wonderful” now available free to schools

5 must-know dos and don’ts of digital magazines

6 ways to use Sora outside of ELA + 1 that may surprise you!

5 essential tips to support student reading success with Sora reports & data

6 “The Summer I Turned Pretty” read-alikes for teens

New year, new me – PD edition

Save the Date: Sora Sweet Reads Returns May 15, 2023

SYNC is back for 2023 – are your teen readers ready for 14 weeks of free audiobooks?

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