The end of the calendar year is nearly here, offering a chance to rest and reset before the school year resumes in 2023. With many schools on break, now’s your chance to catch up on all the goings-on of a very busy 2022 on the OverDrive Schools blog.

Check out some of our top posts from the year below, highlighting all the new Sora product developments, free content offerings and more that you may have missed. (Helpful hint: You can subscribe to our blog to have posts delivered directly to your inbox!)

1. 3 ways to enjoy no-cost books in Sora this summer (and beyond!)

Check out some of the top ways schools accessed free reading this summer – and mark your calendars, because these annual programs will be back sooner than you think!

2. Hit the ground reading with our Sora back-to-school checklist!

Back-to-school might be over for another year, but you can still check out some of these tips to promote your collection, connect with your local public library, get caught up on staff training and more.

3. School Stars 2022: And the winners are…

Get inspired by the School Stars 2022 winners – because the 2023 program is right around the corner!

4. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” ebook editions now available in Chinese, Chinese-English bilingual and Chinese pinyin!

Did you know that TrueLake – the exclusive publisher of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Chinese ebooks and audiobooks – has released Chinese, Chinese-English bilingual and Chinese pinyin versions of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid ebooks? Get a closer look!

5. Readers have borrowed over 3 billion digital books through OverDrive

Since the first checkout of an ebook through OverDrive in 2003, we’ve had one vision: to create a world enlightened by reading. Now, thanks to readers across the globe, we’ve reached a major milestone in this journey, surpassing three billion checkouts of digital titles through OverDrive, Libby and Sora.

6. Add some POW! to your school library with All Access Comics in Sora

In March, we introduced our All Access Comics package – and safe to say, it’s been a hit! With simultaneous-use titles from Disney, Marvel, IDW and more – plus, new titles are added all the time – there’s something for your reluctant and enthusiastic readers alike!

7. Sora Sweet Reads returns with even sweeter reads in 2022

Did your students get to experience some of summer’s sweetest reading? If not, never fear – there’s always next year! Sora Sweet Reads returns in 2023 with a new batch of ebook and audiobook goodness sure to curb your students’ craving for more books.

8. Introducing Sora Extras: Learning resources through the student reading app 

Have you had a chance to explore Sora Extras yet? Go beyond ebooks and get the best of academic current events, test prep, financial literacy and more with our additional learning resources for students.

9. 13 ways to use Sora side-by-side with your physical library

Your print and digital collections are both important parts of your school library. Here’s how they can work hand-in-hand to benefit all of your student readers!

10. 5 free outreach resources you can start using right now 

Think of the OverDrive Resource Center as your own personal assistant, secret weapon, or best friend, because everything you need to promote your digital collection is right there at your fingertips! No login is required to access all the graphics, videos, posters, and flyers – so what are your waiting for?

11. Give students equal access to curriculum books with new On-Demand Class Sets

Get up to speed on On-Demand Class Sets, a new digital book lending model that just might change the way you approach curriculum reading.

12. Streamline students’ access to curriculum reading with the Sora Google Classroom add-on!

Google Classroom users, have you had a chance to try the Sora Google Classroom add-on yet? It’s a great way to simplify your digital reading assignments!

13. Celebrating 100 million digital books accessed through the Sora reading app (Infographic)

OverDrive, Libby and Sora may have crossed the three billion checkout mark in November – but what you might not know is that Sora celebrated a milestone of its own over the summer!

14. Key ways Sora supports literacy in students with dyslexia

Dyslexia – a specific learning disability that impacts approximately 15% of the U.S. population – can impact your students’ language comprehension and decoding abilities. Here are a few ways digital books can help improve their reading engagement.

15. Classroom mantras for changing times

Having a go-to classroom mantra may be more worthwhile now than ever. What’s yours?

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